An energy “to-do” list

Identifying and transforming negative energy

A few weeks I unintentionally came up with a simple tool that I’ve been using recently that has led to some powerful changes in my environment and relationships. It’s pretty simple but I’ve shared it with a few people who have found it very useful, so figured I’d share it more broadly.

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Community-driven product development

Or the difference between Etsy Prototypes and Gmail Labs

About four years ago, when I started at Etsy, I built a product called Etsy Prototypes, which let our users opt in to more experimental features. It was my way of hacking the product process—anyone could easily write a feature, put it behind a feature flag, and launch it as a prototype team that users could join or leave whenever they wanted. You (generally) didn’t have to ask anyone for permission to see if your idea was worth investing more time in.

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