Vernon Thommeret is an entrepreneur, product leader, musician, engineer, and designer currently based in Los Angeles, CA.

He is CEO and co-founder of Loopable, a platform connecting coaches with ecommerce clients. Its technology was most recently used in the Life-Changing Singing Course which he also co-produced.

He was previously at Signal Sciences in Los Angeles as Head of Product in 2015, helping grow the company from zero customers to providing security for companies like Adobe, Underarmour, Yelp, and the largest finance and media companies in the world. Signal Sciences was acquired by Fastly in October, 2020.

Before that, he was based in New York and led product for Etsy's homepage and site navigation across all of its platforms (desktop, mobile web, iOS and Android). He also helped build Etsy and Meetup's first mobile websites and apps.

He earned a BA in Computer Science at Wesleyan University and completed the coursework for the Graphic Design program.

In his free time, you'll find him taking photos, playing music (guitar, banjo, piano, and voice), or at the climbing gym. He's a language enthusiast, having studied Portuguese, French, Italian, Spanish, Japanese, and Ancient Greek.

You can find him on Instagram, LinkedIn, and GitHub. You can also contact him directly.

If you're wondering, Thommeret rhymes with faux beret.